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  • Will Genuine Diamond His and Hers Wedding Bands Last Forever?

    Diamonds are known to symbolize affluence and sophistication. According to the wedding band co. these beautiful stones are rare and hence, often expensive. Diamonds fascinate almost everyone, and captivate people from all over the world. It is believed that wearing diamonds accentuates the beauty of a woman and makes her stand out in a crowd.

    Due to its beautifying effects on women, diamonds were often referred as a “girl’s best friend” since time immemorial. Trends have however; changed for better as now day’s even men can be seen sporting diamond his and hers wedding bands of various shapes and sizes. Most men wear diamonds in such a way that these accentuate and compliment their masculinity.

    Diamond wedding rings: A Latest rage!

    Due to limited availability and soaring expenses, you may feel that diamond rings may not be as popular as they were once. This however, is not the case. When it comes to choosing beautiful wedding rings for their beloved, most lovers choose to go for genuine diamond wedding rings.

    Diamond wedding rings are a fad among the young and old alike. These are available in many different shapes and sizes, which come in different prices. Diamonds are undoubtedly, a rare find and expensive ones too! This makes most people wonder whether an investment on these expensive stones are really worth the money or not.

    Genuine Diamond rings will last forever!

    When it comes to picking up a special gift of love for your beloved, there should be no compromise at all. Your beloved deserves nothing, but the best.

    Here is what makes diamond wedding rings a perfect gift of love and commitment:

    1. Diamonds -The Gift of love: Diamonds are indicative of everlasting love, and commitment. These are known to bring about transformations in the way you feel about yourself. Worn by a privileged few, diamonds entice everyone. If you are looking to make your ‘special someone’ feel out of the world, do not even think twice before buying a diamond wedding band.

    2. Diamonds bring out the best: Diamonds indicate not just love and commitment, but also help in making you feel successful and elite. Wearing a diamond ring alone makes anyone feel transformed. Women appear even more beautiful on wearing diamonds while men are known to start feeling more powerful.

    3. Diamonds are available in many designs: You can find a multitude of choices, when it comes to choosing beautiful diamond his and hers wedding bands. There are many diamond rings available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from various designs and slide the perfect one to your beloved’s finger.

    Almost everyone prefers diamonds, and these continue to remain special and unique in their own way. Some of them are very expensive while some can be quite budgeting friendly too. While purchasing diamond wedding rings from the wedding band co. make sure, you choose the ones, which are completely genuine. Genuine diamond wedding rings are a possession of the privileged, and it is your time, to get one for yourself and your loved one, and dazzle in the light of love!

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  • Diamond Rings – The Best Gift for This New Year


    His and hers wedding bands

    His and hers wedding bands

    New Year is one of the best times of the year to take a break from the daily humdrum of your life and unwind. It is also the time to share and spread happiness everywhere. If you’re looking to warm the hearts of your loved ones during the chilly winters this new year, how about gifting them something really very special?

    Diamond rings are probably one of the best choices of gifts you can choose for pleasing almost anybody. It is often believed that diamond rings are perfect gifts for wedding or engagement purposes. These are however, gaining popularity as one of the best New Year gifts now days.

    Some reasons that make diamond rings the ideal gifts are:

    Diamonds – The symbolic gift

    New Year time is probably the best time to gift diamonds to your loved ones. This is partly because it is quite a symbolic gift for New Year. It carries the symbolic sparkle of the same star whose brilliant aura illuminated the whole world when the ‘King of the world’ was born. There is hence, no better occasion to exchange this beautiful embellishment, and gift happiness to your near and dear ones.

    Diamond rings: Conveyors of emotions

    Diamond rings are one of the most intimate gifts that you can gift anyone. These are exclusive gifts, which make the receiver feel extremely special. These cannot be gifted to just anyone, and these are excellent conveyors of love and commitment. However, not necessarily a gift from a lover, diamond rings are indicative of a strong emotional bond.

    Diamond rings please everyone

    Diamond rings have become popular choices as gifts among people of all ages. They fascinate men and women alike and are touted as the best presents ever. There are however, different kind of styles and shapes of diamonds for different occasions. These choices may vary from person to person, and differ according to their purpose of gifting.

    2013 – An ideal time to be engaged!

    What makes New Year time special and different is that it comes in the middle of holidays. New Year is hence, an ideal time to buy wedding bands for your someone special. Make sure you choose a classy diamond ring, which is in accordance with the latest styles and trends. With wintertime just round the corner, there cannot be a better time to pick up the best wedding bands and designs too.

    You may also avail some attractive discounts and offers during the winter season. Many outlets offer unique and beautiful designs for diamond rings. Some of them are available at remarkably low prices. Instead of being the grateful recipient of so much love and special gifts, you can now go on to make all others around you smile this year.

    Make some of your very special and loved ones smile and feel special, by gifting them beautiful diamond rings for this special day. Make this year a truly unforgettable and special one, for your near and dear ones. It is time to gift them the gift of a lifetime!

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  • The Wedding Band Co Offers Discounts on Platinum Bands This Winter

    15% off - Promo code: PLAT15

    15% off – Promo code: PLAT15


    New Year Deals – The Wedding Band Company – Promo code: PLAT15

    Buy any of the platinum wedding bands and get 15% off on every piece. With platinum wedding bands and many more bands, The Wedding Band Company offers the quality products you are looking for this holiday season.

    If you are looking to buy exclusive platinum wedding bands, they have huge range of platinum bands.

    Deal is valid from Dec 26 – Jan 6, 2013

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  • Should You Give Her a Diamond Ring This New Year

    Diamond Wedding Band

    Diamond Wedding Band

    New Year and Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It can bring some of the most nostalgic moments in your life, and make you feel special. It is an excellent time to express love and gratitude to all your near and dear ones. While expressing love to all your near and dear ones just be sure, you do not forget your ‘someone very special’.

    This New Year, gift her something that astounds her and leaves her completely awestruck. Gifting jewellery is a romantic gesture, which can also be very pleasing. If you plan to gift her something very special and intimate, consider gifting her a beautiful diamond ring for this New Year.

    Purpose of gifting a diamond ring

    Gifting your sweetheart, an elegant diamond ring for New Year eve does not necessarily mean you are popping the big question (Will you marry me?). It can also symbolize a promise, a gesture of gratitude or simply an expression of love. It can also be an attractive treat to your spouse after your wedding. It is however; better to avoid diamond rings for your friends, with whom you share a platonic friendship. You can gift your good friends diamond earrings, pendants or bracelets instead.

    Depending on the varying purposes, you need to choose an appropriate diamond ring for her.

    Some of the tips and ideas below can help you select the perfect diamond ring for her:

    1. Cost-effective alternatives

    Gift her diamond ring that is breathtakingly beautiful and not one whose cost just astounds you. You can choose to gift her budget-friendly diamond ring containing just a few stones.

    Instead of picking up any expensive diamond ring, it is bester to choose one after careful research. Go for a lesser weighing carat stone, if your pocket does not allow you to purchase an expensive one.

    2. Tailoring the ring

    Most people like to tailor their engagement rings or wedding bands. If you are gifting her gift of a lifetime, go for a loose diamond and have it set according to your own preferences. Some like it in white gold, a few of them in platinum while others like experimenting with yellow gold.

    3. Diamond clarity

    Pick up a diamond ring that is free from all flaws. Even if you do not get the desired large diamond ring for your perfectionist sweetheart, go for a smaller diamond. A smaller diamond without flaws appears much more beautiful than a larger one, which is not crafted perfectly.

    4. Perfect cut

    Go for a perfectly cut diamond and choose the desired shape too. There are many different shapes available in the market. You can choose one that suits the mood and purpose for your gift.

    Bring out all your suppressed love in the form of a beautiful, intricately designed and appealing diamond ring. Just make sure your elegant gift says it all for you. Christmas is probably one of those rare times when you can get diamond rings of different types and designs for lower prices. It is a lifetime investment, worth making.

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  • Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands- An Ideal Investment for Christmas

    It is time for Christmas, and it is time to rejoice! According to The Wedding Band Co, Christmas time is that time of the year when you can warm your hearts, and those of others with warm expressions of love and with some special presents for the most special people in your life. It is also a time for you to look and feel great about yourself.

    With the year approaching the end, and Christmas just days away, it is time you take a relaxing break and buy something special for yourself and for the special people in your lives. Choosing the perfect present for Christmas can be a bit difficult with so many different choices available in the market.

    Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands: The Best Christmas Investment

    Eternity Wedding Bands

    Eternity Wedding Bands

    When it comes to buying something special for yourself or for your special someone, there can be no better investment than diamonds. Invest on some beautiful diamond rings to make this Christmas special and an unforgettable one.

    Christmas is one of the best times to express love to your special someone, and make him or her feel special. A beautiful diamond ring can be the best way to light up your sweetheart’s face. It can be an ideal expression of love and the best ever Christmas gift too.

    You can also consider buying an attractive diamond ring for yourself. Flaunting a rare piece on your finger can be a great feeling for you. With a plethora of choices and paucity of genuine advice, it can sometimes get quite difficult to choose the best diamond ring for Christmas. If you are facing the same dilemma, consider reading along for some genuine advice on buying the best diamond ring for this season.

    Diamond shapes and cuts for your ring:

    The diamond ‘shape’ and ‘cut’ are entirely different terms, which are often confused together. The diamond ‘shape’ refers to its outward shape while the ‘cut’ is the way the diamond is fashioned. Choosing the perfect diamond shape can be difficult for anyone, with so many different choices available everywhere.

    Some of the hottest trends for diamond shapes and cuts this season have been discussed below:

    Princess Cut Diamonds -

    These are most commonly sought as solitaires and they appear as the smallest of diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are an ideal choice for persons who love to keep things simple, yet classy.

    Marquise Diamonds -

    If you are looking for a larger embellishment for the finger, go for marquise diamonds. They are also a great choice for solitaire and appear larger than the real size.

    Oval Diamonds -

    Oval diamonds suit people with small hands and fingers. These give your fingers a slightly elongated look, and the impression of a larger diamond.

    Round Brilliant Diamonds -

    These diamonds make the perfect choice for wedding bands. Round brilliant diamonds are quite expensive and the most popular too. These diamonds are likely to please almost anyone and everyone, with their fire and brilliant appearance.

    Heart Shaped Diamonds -

    If you are looking to buy something romantic this Christmas, you can simply invest on a heart-shaped diamond ring. Seek the perfectly symmetrical stone and if you are placing an order, make sure you choose a skilled gem-cutter for the job.

    Trillion-Cut Diamond -

    This diamond is a great choice for a Christmas gift. With the shape of an equilateral triangle, the stone shines with all its might to appear breathtakingly beautiful.

    Most diamond stones are usually set in white gold or accessorized with platinum. You can also experiment with yellow stone, for a fiery finish. If you are gifting the diamond ring, be very particular about the size. If your ring does not have a perfect fitting, it can ruin the entire moment for you, so be very careful with the size.

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  • Fabulous Independence Day Deal from The Wedding Band Company

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    Wedding Band

    Wedding Band

    The wedding band company offer 15 % OFF on all the orders of $500 or above. Not just that it includes free shipping of wedding band on this Independence Day.

    You just have to use a simple Promo Code: “DIA15″ to avail this Independence Day Offer.

    Do not forget this offer is valid from 2nd July until 9th July’2012.

    So, hurry up to avail this awesome deal!

  • How to Choose the Right Diamond Wedding Bands


    Diamond Wedding Bands

    Diamond Wedding Bands

    Okay, you want to buy your loved ones diamond wedding bands. The very first thing you should do is learn a little bit about diamonds. You have probably heard about the 4C’s and if not, you need to know what it is and what it means. So, before we go any further let us learn about the 4C’s.

    The 4C’s stand for cut, clarity, carat, and color of the diamond. The cut is the shape of the diamond. The shape can be oval, round, princess which is a square shape, emerald which is more rectangular, and marquise which is pointed on either end. The cut is what determines the brilliance of the diamond. Some cuts give more facets to the diamond, which will allow more light to reflect. An emerald cut has the least amount of facets while the round cut has more.

    A numerical and alphabetical scale measures clarity of a diamond. Clarity is really just the flaws that the diamond has. Every diamond except rare ones will have some type of flaw whether it is a nick, mark or a bit cloudy. Most diamonds in the wedding bands are VS1 to S1 ratings these diamonds have small flaws, which cannot be seen even under a very strong magnification. Any diamond in the “F” category is considered to be without any flaws and is very rare to find.

    The wedding band company

    The wedding band company

    Carat is just the weight of the diamond. Yes, a large diamond might be impressive, but it may not have the color or clarity of a smaller diamond. Size does not mean you are going to get the best-looking diamond for your money. You may just have a large diamond without much brilliance.

    The color of a diamond is also measured like the clarity with an alphabetical scale. The whitest diamond is a D-E, while a G-J rated diamond will be near colorless. The farther down the scale you go the more yellow the diamond will become. Some people do enjoy wearing a large yellow diamond, but the most popular are the white or colorless.

    Now, you must know something about what type of diamonds your loved ones like. Are they more into the size of the diamond, the color or the brilliance? All of this will help you find the perfect diamond ring. Now, make a list using their favorite part of a diamond. As an example, we will say that they would prefer a diamond with more clarity than size, they also desires a more colorless diamond than a yellow one and they prefers round to any other cut. Oh, now here is your list clarity, colorless or white, and round without much thought to the carat.

    Wedding Bands

    Wedding Bands

    Okay, with list in hand go online or to your favorite jewelers. Ask about the diamonds with the required specifications. Get more than one estimate on the diamond ring. You should be able to find quite a few that are in your price budget without going to extremes and spending a year’s worth of paychecks. If you are shopping online and need to ask a few questions, there is no harm in picking up the telephone and calling the online jeweler. Just remember to compare.

    No matter where you are planning on purchasing your diamond ring whether online or at one close to your home, it would be in your best interest to learn a bit about the jeweler. If you are searching locally, you can talk with family and friends to see if they have purchased from this jewelry. Learn how long they have been in business; check out the better business bureau, etc…. If you are shopping online, you can also do quite a bit of research. Look for forums and message boards that have information regarding jewelry stores online. You can also learn about them by finding out their actual address and do not purchase if you cannot verify their address. You should have more information than a P.O. Box and an 800-telephone number. You should feel very comfortable and trusting of the dealer that you are planning to purchase a diamond ring from.

    Another important detail is to ask for a money back guarantee whether you are purchasing in person or online. Ask about their return policy, you should have at least 30 days to return the diamond ring, but sometimes the return policy may only give you around 2 weeks.

    If you are in fact purchasing a certified diamond ring, you should also receive a grading report by a gemology organization like AGS or GIA . If you are receiving, a grading report, be sure that you understand what grading report they are using. Many jewelers today use in house gemologist and their standard reports may not be the same as the above-mentioned organizations.

    Finally yet importantly, once you purchase your diamond ring, have it appraised by an unbiased gemologist of you choosing.

    All that is left is surprise your loved ones with a diamond ring that they will enjoy and wear with pride.

    If all else, fails and you still do not know what diamond ring is perfect for your woman, just take her browsing around a jewelry store. She is sure to point out some of her favorites and this would give you the opportunity to ask, “Why do you like this diamond ring well than the one over there?” However, remember, if you take her into a jewelry store the element of surprise just went out the window. She will be expecting you to pop the question.

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  • How to Avoid Buying a Fake Diamond Wedding Bands

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    Diamond Wedding Bands

    Diamond Wedding Bands

    Whether it is for an engagement ring, anniversary present or as a simple token of love, buying a diamond can be a lengthy process. Learning how to identify fake diamonds prevents you from becoming the victim of a jewelry scam and ensures that you are receiving only the highest quality stone for your money. Fake diamonds circulate freely in the jewelry market and knowing how to spot a fake one is necessary for anyone who wants to purchase a diamond

    Instructions By The Wedding Band Co.

    1. Ask if the stone is a genuine diamond or if it is a cubic zirconia, moissanite, or other synthetic substance. A reputable jeweler will give you an honest answer.

    2. Perform a reflection color test. Hold the stone up to light to see what colors are reflected. Diamonds sparkle in shades of gray, while other stones will reflect rainbow colors.

     3. Check the wear and tear on the stone. A cubic zirconia is not as durable as a diamond and may show signs of scratches or nicks.

    4. Breathe on the stone to perform a fog test. Because diamonds quickly disperse heat, the fog of your breath should disappear immediately. A fake stone will stay fogged for several seconds.

    5. Ask if the stone’s certificate. It is highly recommended that you obtain a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the largest impartial diamond grading authority in the world, issuing a grading report after it examines the diamond and details it specifications.

    6. Appraise your diamond. Take your diamond to a licensed appraiser to receive a certificate of authenticity.

    Tips & Warnings

    Use a third-party appraiser such as the American Gem Society. Avoid using the jeweler’s appraiser to ensure that you receive unbiased information.

    These days, some of the best imitation diamonds are made of moissanite. This substance, which didn’t come on the market until 1998, so closely resembles a diamond that even experts have a hard time telling the two stones apart without a special instrument. Moissanite sells for about one-tenth the price of diamonds.

    When purchasing “diamonds” online or buying stones you have not seen or had independently appraised, make sure the sale is accompanied by a grading report provided by an independent lab like the GIA. When you do make a purchase, get everything in writing.

    For more info about diamond wedding bands, just go to the official website at –


  • Graceful Diamond His & Hers Wedding Bands

    Through the centuries, men and women have adorned many different symbols to show their love, devotion and affection for one another but the one item that has outlasted them all has been the wedding band. However, the material that is used for these bands has significantly varied with the latest fads affecting its evolution. Diamond leaf wedding band are the latest craze in high social circuits that continue to display affection in rich gestures.

    Diamond bands have been around since medieval ages, with queens wearing the thick channel set baguette more as bangles glued together. This old fashion has been revived thanks to some designers’ belief in traditional and antique masterpieces. Diamond bands got a face-lift, with their exquisite finish, studded with beautiful stones adorning a lovely silken wrist or forearms or broad hands alike.

    Diamond bands are often multi-purpose, sometimes used as bangles sometimes as a watch, sometimes just to accompany the bare wrist. They could be wide and thick representing the silver band worn to display strength in some families or could be as narrow as a lace, with delicate designs and feather like elegance. They could signify a bond, gifted by a lover who is smitten by adoration, or of trust or as protection as gifted by some brothers to their sisters. In some cases, they are just the new age jewelry producing the same effect as many gold ornaments put together.

    Diamond bands are also a sign of unstated, subtle grace that does not stare one in the face or strike as gaudy. It is elegant, exuding grace in mystifying way adding to the charm of the person who wears it, sometimes depicting a lot about the personality. Diamond his & hers wedding bands are a beautiful mixture of beauty and style, strength and bonding, with various stones stuck together to produce a lovely effect.

    Sometimes the stones might be accompanied by some beautiful engraving, making the magic last until eternity, the words and diamonds proclaiming umpteen emotions.

    Elegant Diamond Wedding bands

    Diamond bands have inspired many forms circling around the same emotion. Eternity bands for example declare unwavering love through eternity in a beautiful way. These bands could be flexible too, with rows of stones held together by straps of changeable length fitting exquisitely on any wrist. They could be of various weights e.g.14K, 18K etc. some affordable by many, some very expensive, but at the end of the day, they really stand for the aesthetic nature of the human mind which constantly tries to evolve. It is hardly a surprise then that these stones cut and polished and set together are so expensive and yet so adored and popular.

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  • Diamond Wedding Bands Hold Great Importance in a Man’s Life

    Diamond serves to be the true symbol of power and prosperity and it is even believed that it has some healing qualities like promoting trust, confidence, detoxification and clarity. One of the sure shot ways to wear the diamond is in the form of an elegantly created wedding bands.

    Diamond bands for men are one among the most precious and stylish piece of the men’s jewelry. Since times immemorial, diamonds were taken to be “girl’s best friends” but these days, men have even started taking pleasure in the beauty and lustre of diamond bands and other jewelry items. The diamond jewelry has thus become famous and accepted with celebrity men like the pop stars and actors.

    The men’s diamond bands are readily available in various sizes, carats, colors, styles. Prominent among these are the diamond bands studded in the diagonal style in yellow gold or the solitaire, cluster and satin bands. Men generally wear the diamonds in anniversary bands, engagement or wedding bands. Moreover, the men’s bands are also available with a religious nature, with crucifix symbol of diamonds engraved. The diamond bands for men are often available in platinum, white gold, gold, stainless steel, titanium or gold and platinum blended together to be more attractive.

    These bands are generally much wider and more embellished as compared to the women diamond bands or bands.

    Even the prices of men’s wedding bands depend on metal used. The custom made men’s bands are available in almost every diamond jewelry store and can be generally costlier. As the men’s bands are available in outstanding styles and rates, such pieces of jewelry are perfect gifts to be presented to the friends and beloveds as well and most bands designed specifically for the men highlight an exclusive blend of charm and beauty.

    These days, the men just like their female counterparts have started utilizing the diamond bands as an important accessory to add charm to their overall personality. When purchasing the his and her wedding bands, all aspects need to be considered like the clarity, cut, color and carat of the used diamond.

    Men’s bands are the perfect way to express the woman’s immeasurable love to her beloved. The most durable and lasting symbol of love and commitment, diamond wedding bands for men are popular gifts as well for the occasions like engagements or marriages. Adding brightness and shine to one’s life, the diamonds actually bring pleasure as well as contentment.

    For women, the diamond’s setting is just a way of show off but for the men, the band setting and material serves to be the important component of the band’s overall appeal. Men’s bands are about the diamonds and band together. The two tone white and yellow gold look astonishing with the men’s bands.

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